Below are exact transcriptions of the notes.

I tried taking pictures but the images come up blank.

20/06/06 - "DANDRUFF"

I replaced my dandruff shampoo with powder from a crystal growing kit.

Under precise aural conditions, the young crystals vibrate, removing any and all dry flakes from my scalp.

It's been two weeks now and the crystals have grown considerably. You might think it painful but the vibrations help dull the feeling of the jagged formations digging into my skull. The constant mess of blood took some getting used to.

At night, the crystals hum a magnificent tune that echos in glorious harmony inside my head. I don't know that I've slept since I started this treatment, and I don't care.

I feel like I can truly be myself now that my dandruff is under control.

Do you have any clean rags I can borrow?

20/06/07 - "PROFESSIONAL"

Hello I am a professional looking to speak on your behalf you see I am a professional and I am very skilled and determined to speak for you so you don't have to I don't want to hear you speak again please I can do it I can speak for you I will make the decisions your thoughts will leave my mouth I will shut your mouth I will speak on your behalf you will never speak again I will become you are nothing and I will be you

thank you please contact me immediately

20/06/08 - "DOG"

Have you seen my dog? You should. He's really something else! He has a beautiful coat that I brush every day while he rests. He needs his rest because of all the walking he does. He loves to walk alone after dark. Every night I see him stand up on his hind legs and walk out the front door. I always ask him where he's going but he never tells me. He just turns and looks at me with those glowing red eyes of his and I can't help but let it slide. You know how dogs are, they could get away with murder. I love my dog but I think he's really something else.

20/06/09 - "MIRROR"

Last Friday I looked in my bathroom mirror and there were two of me in the reflection.

I blinked and squinted and wiped the mirror with Windex but it didn't make them go away. I went to my desk and grabbed my phone but when I went back to take a picture there was another me, a third one, standing next to the other two. A copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a repeatpeating me on a on delay a delay a delay I leave and come leave back and come back and come back to to more leave of me more of me more of and more of me more of me of more of me more of me more of me more of